Artist Spotlight: Gilde Flores

Artist Spotlight: Gilde Flores


Gilde Flores is an award winning, multi-genre music composer/producer who is known for his work on The Wolverine, Far Cry 4, as well as work in the audio/visual/music industry; often working under the Grammy winning super producer, Timbaland and his company Beatclub's umbrella.

Self taught, with some guidance from his father, he began playing multiple instruments at an early age, which eventually transitioned into becoming an onstage performer touring the United States at the age of 17. Within this time, he performed with multiple known bands; ranging from Latin (a group signed under the late Selena), Jazz, R&B, Pop and Rock.

He then took his career "behind the scenes" as a sound engineer and quickly moved into music production. With found knowledge/experience in multiple genres he began his career as a music composer/producer, creating music for TV, which also led to placements of his work in film, and scoring for video games, commercials, and other visual media content.


“Create the music YOU want to hear. Despite how cliche that may sound; it's the honest greatest advice to shatter any self created barriers I faced.”


What types of projects are you currently working on?

Currently, I have been working on a few amazing upcoming projects I can't really speak on in detail, but can say one is an assisting composer for an upcoming Netflix series, as well as an ongoing series that involves "obstacle courses" and aside from this, I have been doing final touches on the upcoming HBO MAX series I had the honor of scoring and should be releasing soon.

I also am a vendor for some major distributors, so I am also working on "library/catalog" music for the likes of Universal Publishing and a couple of others. Between all of this, I stay active on receiving "briefs" for specific music needs directly from music supervisors, trailer editors, and music publishers, so I stay active daily on my musical journey.

I also catch some times to speak on panels in and outside of Clubhouse, as I love to share tips and feedback on my career in hopes of inspiring anyone starting out in the realm of music licensing/sync.



What's the first thing you do when starting a new composition or session?

The first thing I do to judge my process is based on the time that I am allowed to get it done, (usually facing quick turnaround deadlines). So as for the actual process, I start off by loading up the sound pallets that I am going to use. I try to gather at least the elements I know that I will use and start working with that.

Depending on the genre, I will dig through my arsenal and find these elements to lay down at least a progression of chords, a structure/format, and possibly even some drum bed or percussion bed to get me stoked to start the creative flow.

It really does depend on the genre I am working, as this process, as far as the elements are concerned, will change if perhaps I am working on an orchestral piece, then I will start off usually with some sort of ostinato using strings or piano, with the idea of getting those creative flows happening.

Once I get a foundation down, I start building from that point and love digging for the "ear candy" as that is really what inspires my creativity. I love experimenting with sounds that normally wouldn't be selected in the realm I am writing in.


"I love experimenting with sounds that normally wouldn't be selected in the realm I am writing in."


What's your advice for someone who's trying to find their own voice with music right now?

My advice is just to let it happen. I think we all go through this stage(s) throughout the journey. I am actually going through this now. It's something that will just blindside you, IF allowed. I learned from some "greats" that I have been fortunate and blessed to work with to NOT try and reinvent the wheel, rather modify it instead. Add to what is there and at your own taste. Try doing things that aren't normally heard "there", but actually compliment or just make it better for your ear.

I think I find myself running in circles when I try to "think" the process as opposed to "feeling" it. I have gained greater results when I am just focused on being creative and making the music that makes me inspired. There is always someone out there, even if its just one (for me) that appreciates my creativity and points out that experimental thing I added. It's a great service to my creative self to have attention pointed to that detail. So yes, I would say just create the music YOU want to hear. Despite how cliche that may sound, it's the honest greatest advice to shatter any self created barriers I faced.


What do you find unique and inspiring about the Mariachi and Surf libraries?

What I find unique about the entire catalog of We Sound Human, is exactly that... it sounds human, authentic, and organic. Again, based on time, I try to record myself playing the guitar or bass, but the next thing I rely on is the samples/VST to use.

The We Sound Human libraries, no matter which, stand the closest I can get to capturing that musician in the room/on the project/feel. The rawness of the recordings of some of the musicianship stands out and cuts through the project so precisely. They bring life to whatever project is being created and gives it that human touch.

It's the hardest thing for me with these samples to manipulate them. I get inspired listening to them as they are that I almost feel guilty tearing into them. I don't want to disrupt the magic that was captured and I am being completely honest.

The Mariachi authenticity is the best you can get outside of recording a live group. The Surf library works the exact same way for me, as each sample brings that organic element and texture immediately. I always gravitate back to these packs, along with others that I have collected. They play a massive part in my creativity.



If you'd like to find out more about Gilde Flores, then check him out on his Website


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