The Story of We Sound Human

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" You See In This World There's Two Kinds Of People, My Friend - Those With Loaded Guns, And Those Who Dig… "

Howdy, I’m Phil, founder of We Sound Human.

And this is the real-life story of how We Sound Human came about... and it ain't no fairy tale partner....

As a music producer and session player, I come from the world of playing, recording, and producing everything live. 

To me, there’s nothing better than pure, raw music where you can feel the emotion and passion coming through every note and performance. 

So, you can imagine how weird it felt when I made a career switcheroo and became a music composer for TV shows, movies, and commercials.

This is the type of job that relies heavily on music samples, loops, and sounds in order to turn things around quickly.

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Scratchin That Damn Itch.

After months of complaining about the state of sample libraries and their impact on my music, reputation, and ears (maybe you can relate), I did something about it: I started to create my own.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do things by halves – which meant that creating the music started looong before the actual studio recording.

Let me explain...

First, I compiled a list of all the music library styles that were either really bad or didn’t exist.

Next, I listened to authentic examples of each style – over and over and over, deconstructing them, putting them back together, and figuring out their tiny little nuances. 

After that, I found the best living players in the world for these styles. Sometimes they were friends and fellow musicians; other times I traveled to the birthplace of the music and found native masters in their respective genres.

Finally, I composed the music for them to perform, and it was only then that I recorded, edited, and formatted it for our music libraries...

Whew!!! Crazy how that takes only seconds to read about, but took years to accomplish.

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Authentic Sounds, Unmistakable Vibe!

I followed this same format all around the world.

From Havana to Herzegovina, Memphis to Mexico City, Bengal to Botswana, and plenty more!

I realized that I could put our samples and sounds out there and let other frustrated music makers use them.

Because I’m nice like that ;)

You KNOW that if you want to create authentic music, you need to use authentic sounds. 

And while the audience (the TV viewer, the radio listener, your mom...) isn’t quite as finicky as you and I, they’ll detect that something is amiss. 

The music just won’t ring true for them, and their experience will suffer as a result.

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They Sound Real Because They Are Real!

Our sample libraries happen to be much less expensive and time-consuming for you than hiring and recording your own musicians from around the world.

You can take any of the libraries and quickly put together professional-sounding tracks and demos that have character, life, and personality.

Woeful workspace? You'll be fine.

We don’t expect you to have a top-of­-the-­range studio for your projects.

We’ve gone and discovered the best musicians, engineers, and editors – and put them in some of the best studios in the world – so that you have access to superb­ quality samples when you compose.

You can be working out of your bedroom, a train carriage, or your kid’s assembly hall for all we care.

The music you create will sound utterly professional and goose­bumpingly gorgeous.

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The Team That Makes The Magic

We Sound Human is a small team of musicians and production specialists, and together we compose, record, and create the cool stuff that you'll find on this here fancy website.

We love creating

We're committed to our craft

We want you to be happy

Ok, you officially know everything!

We are OBSESSED with capturing amazing human musical performances and are 100% focused on crafting unique sounds for your music production.

If you haven’t tried our sounds yet, prepare to be blown away.

Phil Symonds

Founder, We Sound Human


P.S. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to say hi – that’s fine too.


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