Customer Of The Week : Greg Walsh

Customer Of The Week :  Greg Walsh


What kind of music creative are you?

I am a longtime Musician.


What inspired you to start creating music?

I've been a musician from birth - never had to figure out what I was going to be. From Detroit, I moved to Los Angeles in 89. I was a singer-songwriter for many years. I then moved to Japan and started playing a Japanese instrument called a Shamisen. I played for about twenty years then gave it up for banjo. So now I'm playing old-time banjo.

I've been recording music since tape machines and have a small recording set up. I love world instruments of all kinds and can play about five. 


What is your studio setup?

I use Studio one 5 Artist recording software. I use the wave format. Stealing monitors and headphones and a Focusrite audio interface mxl condenser mic.


"I moved to Japan and started playing a Japanese instrument called a Shamisen. I played for about twenty years then gave it up for banjo."     


Do you play any musical instruments?

Banjo, ukulele, guitar, Shamisen, Erhu.


What type of projects are you currently working on?

I play a cross between old bluegrass and old-time banjo. I recently made a music video for the song I recorded using We Sound Human samples. It's called "On That Day Somehow."


What is your creation process?

I start by writing on the banjo and then piecing the parts together to fit the idea. I use the samples first, then bass, then guitar, and then mando.


What project are you the proudest of?

Well, I'm proud of all I've recorded through the years. My most recent recordings, however, give the whole picture of what my sound should be. It's like having a full band to record with.


Why do you choose We Sound Human libraries?

I found We Sound Human while I was in the middle of recording some banjo stuff and I really wanted a fiddle. I'm in Michigan near Detroit and they're not into bluegrass really. Or, I just didn't know of any Bluegrass scene.

I mostly play old time. So, I bought the Bluegrass sample pack and using the samples in Studio one was great! I could change tempo and key my songs are a step down in F which is not really a popular key for bluegrass. But time stretching worked perfectly so I could express my ideas the way I wanted.

I used a lot of different samples so it sounded authentic. Anyone who's heard the songs asks me who's playing the other instruments. I'm really happy with the We Sound Human Bluegrass library. You can record endless songs and it will sound great.


Where can people hear your music?

I have a Youtube channel called Big Jr.


"I love world instruments of all kinds and can play about five of them."


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Bluegrass is a massive collection of Old-Timey, Folk, and Bluegrass loops, Country samples, and sounds. Whether you’re needing some banjo runs to give your tracks that authentic country vibe or simply need some fiddle and mandolin textures to make your commercial spot scream of authentic old-timey goodness.

Bluegrass is a down-home tribute to artists such as Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, Stanley Brothers, Ricky Skaggs, Alison Krauss, Nickel Creek, and many others!


Discover The Sounds Of Bluegrass.

  • Includes: 6.2 GB (15 kits) country music samples.
  • Styles: Americana, bluegrass, folk & old country.
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  • Percussion: Country percussion loops & kits.
  • Sounds like: Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, and more.
  • Crafted for: Composers, producers, musicians.
  • Formats: All music DAWs, loop & editing software.
  • Price: $99 
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