Customer Of The Week : Rick Paris

Customer Of The Week :  Rick Paris


What kind of music creative are you?

I am a Music Producer.


What inspired you to start creating music?

To be perfectly honest, my musical epiphany began in my early 50's when my daughter started showing some interest in writing her own songs. Before then, I was like a lot of people, I sang in the shower, did a bit of karaoke when the opportunity arose, and enjoyed seeing bands that I had enjoyed in my 20's.

The more involved my daughter got into her music, the more I got involved, mainly to help her navigate the music industry. We met plenty of chancers and dreamers along the way, as well as some good people too. I think music attracts its fair share of both. Gradually, we were finding it difficult to work with some of these individuals, be it that they had a different view of the projects or that they were just difficult to deal with.

Like any relationship, business or personal, it's about trust. Eventually, I decided to build a home studio and to study all aspects of recording, mixing and producing. I'm a fairly determined individual and run 2 successful businesses (totally different things) that I know takes a lot of perseverance and hard work to get something off the ground from point zero. Most people who start up something have usually worked in that business for someone else before starting up on their own. For me, that wasn't the case. 18 months later, I have produced around 160 songs, mostly acoustic/singer-songwriter genres tracks but about 15 full band tracks. So it can be done.


What is your studio setup?

Having to start from scratch in my late 50's, I did a bit of research and decided to purchase a 2012 Mac Mini and an interface, monitors, etc. It seemed a decent way in - an easier learning curve. It was all cheap or budget kit as I didn't want to spend a heap of money if the whole venture was just a mad dream.

Most of my friends thought I was mad! Using a Mac, I use LOGIC PRO, I did look at Garageband, but decided that I didn't want to learn on one DAW and then switch later. I struggled for the first 6 months or so, watching some YouTube tutorials but it wasn't till I "bought" a few courses that things began to "click."

Personally I think it's easy to think that you are getting stuck, but are in fact doing things a little half heartedly, I thought that if it costs nothing, its much easier to give up. Whilst YT videos are great, as a viewer, I didn't have any skin in the game, so to speak, and without that it's very easy to just keep watching and never really get stuck in or actually apply what you have seen. It's easier to give up too, especially as a newbie when everything appears difficult.

When you spend a few hundred bucks on a course, you have much more incentive to keep at it, when the going gets tough and not bail out. You find yourself going the extra mile, completing the courses, learning something rather than flitting from one tip or hack to the other. If it costs you money, that focusses the mind, in my opinion


"Having to start from scratch in my late 50's... most of my friends thought I was mad!"   


Do you play any musical instruments?

I strum a guitar and have recently started picking at it too, I started when my daughter started, a few years ago, but it doesn't come easy. I play everyday, even if its 10 minutes in the vain hope that I will eventually get to a decent level.


What type of projects are you currently working on?

I mainly work on my daughter's projects, which are in the Pop-Country genre. They started out mainly acoustic focussed, but as my skills have increased, so have our projects. We are now putting out decent full band demos and she was so impressed with my efforts that the last 5 or 6 mixes, that she has put them out as official releases on Spotify etc. I was super chuffed.

When I started, I was working on her stuff as I didn't have anyone else to use, so she was the guinea pig. But I wasn't going to push her to release any of my mixes unless she was 100% happy... and she was!


What is your creation process?

I typically get Hannah to record a scratch track to Click, then we will have a bit of a chat about the direction of the song and how she sees the song developing. She will normally have a vague idea of how she wants the track to sound even as far back as the writing stage.

Then, it's about bringing that to life. I'm pretty good at drums and this is where Logic shines as a DAW. The Drummer is a totally under rated bit of kit and it's free with Logic. The sheer number of kits and styles are awesome and if you dive deep into it, it really gets deep. It's super easy to use too, so the learning curve is great for newbies.


What project are you the proudest of?

The first track we released onto the world that I produced was a Christmas cover. A Christmas song is a bit cheesy, but it proved to me that I could do it. From then on, things have gotten better and bigger. But getting that first track finished felt great. I look back over a year later and think that I can do so much better now, but I guess we all feel like that, as it is a profession where you are constantly learning.


Why do you choose We Sound Human libraries?

The We Sound Human tracks have been a wealth of information, not only as tracks but as tutorials for arrangements. This may be easy for experienced engineers to break down and arrange a song, but for newbies, this is the most difficult part of producing.

There are not many tutorials on this aspect. It's all mixing and mastering tips, etc. It's the arrangement that is the most crucial part of the whole process - turning a simple idea into a fully fledged radio song. For me, the way that We Sound Human files are laid out, gives me a real insight into the arrangement. I can drag and drop files and get a feel for the track, delete and move sections that give a different vibe to another part, and take inspiration from a section and put my own spin on it. Used wisely the files are a tutorial in itself.


Where can people hear your music?

So, if you have read to the end of this article you will know that I produce music mainly for my daughter (although I have just finished an EP for a client, my first PAID gig). So, you can check out Hannah Paris and she has about 17 tracks on all the streaming platforms. I think I produced the last 7 and there are heaps coming out this year too.

Hannahparis.com is her website and you can find her on all the socials, just look for Hannahparismusic.


"The more involved my daughter got into her music, the more I got involved, mainly to help her navigate the music industry."   




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