Customer of the Week : Gary Knowland

Customer of the Week : Gary Knowland


What kind of music creative are you?

I am a Music Producer, Music Composer, and a Musician.


What inspired you to start creating music?

I grew up in a family that played and sang country music for fun, so I learned to love music and guitar at an early age. As time went on, my musical tastes changed to include bluegrass, then rock, and eventually jazz, blues and even progressive rock like Chick Corea. I love all those genres but my roots are country/bluegrass.


What is your studio setup?

I use Ableton Live 11 as my DAW. I have a Tascam 1640 interface. I use Blue Condenser Mics and KRK Rokit monitors. I usually play guitar or bass parts myself and use VST plug-ins like EZ Keys, EZ Drummer, and/or high quality Loops such as Country Roots for instruments I don't play.


"When I sit to write a song, I never know what is going to emerge."    


Do you play any musical instruments?

I play guitar and bass. I play just enough keyboards to use VST instruments!


What type of projects are you currently working on?

When I sit to write a song, I never know what is going to emerge. Sometimes when I write the lyrics first, they seem to dictate what genre the song needs to be! Certainly my roots are country, but I write rock, progressive rock and blues as well.

I guess it depends on my mood! I'm currently working on what I'd call Americana music...kind of a blend of styles based around folk or country.


What is your creation process?

I really don't have a set-in-stone process. Sometimes I write lyrics and then write music around them. Sometimes I create a chord pattern or a riff on the guitar that I like and write a song around it, including lyrics. Either way, when it's time to start recording I typically search for a fitting drum beat, then find the tempo I feel is appropriate and go from there.


What project are you the proudest of?

In my most recent project, I used loops more extensively than ever before, further learning to alter and edit loops to create an entire song. It was challenging to take an idea of mine and use looped instruments to make my idea come together in a seamless way. It was unique in that for the first time, I didn't play an instrument, only vocals.


Why do you choose We Sound Human libraries?

I chose We Sound Human for various reasons. I've used other loop libraries in the past and found them to be unorganized, too short, too limited, and always very low quality, especially when altering their tempo or pitch.

What amazed me first about We Sound Human was...like the name suggests, the loops really ARE humans playing those instruments and are being recorded professionally. These are the most high-quality loop recordings I've heard.

In addition, they are excellently organized, making it much easier to find the sounds you want. The high quality of these loops makes it possible to alter their tempo and sound profile without losing audio integrity. I can snip, clip, cut n paste, and tweak the tempo, pitch, or sound profiles of single instruments or a group of instruments, using as much or as little of the loops as needed. That makes We Sound Human the most powerful and usable loop collections I've ever seen...by far!!

In particular, I chose the County Roots collection for the fiddle, mandolin and banjo loops because I only play guitar, bass and keys, but needed to incorporate those other instruments into the country and bluegrass songs that I write. The

Country Roots collection is perfect for quickly finding and utilizing the instrument parts I would otherwise have to hire professional musicians to play.


Where can people hear your music?

I've never really promoted my music before now. I am one who does this because he loves music! There are some of my songs posted on Soundcloud.


"In my most recent project, I used loops more extensively than ever before, further learning to alter and edit loops to create an entire song."    


Explore Gary's Favorite We Sound Human Sounds


Country Roots is a massive collection of Old-Timey, Western Swing, Traditional Country, and Bluegrass samples. Whether your needing some eerie fiddle harmonics to set just the right mood for your film or simply need some banjo and mandolin textures to give your tracks that authentic country vibe.

Country Roots is a down-home tribute to artists such as Bill Monroe, Zac Brown Band, Flatt & Scruggs, Deadwood, O Brother Where Art Thou, Alison Krauss, Sugarland, J.D Crowe and the New South, Rhonda Vincent, and many others.

Discover The Sounds Of Country Roots.

  • Includes: 6.6 GB (20 kits) southern rock music samples.
  • Styles: Old-timey, bluegrass, folk, western swing.
  • Instruments: Fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and more.
  • Percussion: Country percussion loops & kits.
  • Sounds like: Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs & more.
  • Crafted for: Composers, producers, musicians.
  • Formats: All music DAWs, loop & editing software.
  • Price: $129 
Explore the sounds of Country Roots
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